Two brothers and a man from faraway land

Once upon a time, in the south of Asia, lived two brothers. They were same but also very different. They had the same skin color, they dressed similarly, they sang the same music, spoke the same language. Yet there were some differences. One was small yet sturdy, other was big and strong. One worshipped one god, other worshipped many. One was eating meat, other was vegetarian.

They had their differences, but their love for their land and for each other transcended all those differences. They lived happily in their big castle for centuries.

One day came a man from faraway land with sophisticated dress and clever language. He asked them, if he could buy their spices and in return pay them for their services.

The brothers were hospitable, they not only accepted his offer to buy their spices but also offered for him to stay at their castle for a short stay.

This short stay, turned into multiple stays and then into long stays.

Slowly this man from faraway land started to tell the brothers that he can help manage their crops with new methods to increase production. Brothers agreed.

Then he offered them to manage the day to day activities of the castle, then to manage the food, the water, the clothes, slowly slowly he managed to swindle away the whole castle and lands from the brothers. Until brothers were completely dependent on this man from faraway land.

Then he started to create new rules, what would they study, what would they eat. What products they could buy, what they couldn’t. Who will they sell their crops to, whom they won’t and on and on.

But as long as the brothers were together they were still stronger and a threat to this man from faraway land.

So, he devised a clever plan. He started to emphasize the differences between the brothers. He told the big one that he is stronger, cleverer, he should rule the whole castle and lands by himself. He said to the small one, that you are small, you should protect yourself against the big brother, so he doesn’t take away all the lands and castle.

Slowly but surely, the brothers started to distrust each other. Then they started to have arguments, those arguments turned into feuds and to battles until the whole castle and its lands were divided in loyalty to one brother or the other. While the man from faraway land ruled them all with total impunity.

Then one-day, man from faraway land decided to return to his home and leave everything back to the brothers. But by this time brothers didn’t trust each other  and refused to live together. Man from faraway land proposed a division of the castle and its lands. Brothers agreed.

So they divided. They built a wall right in the middle of the castle. Rooms were divided into half, the kitchen was divided, the living room was divided and even the bathrooms were divided. Nothing was left not touched, from food, to weapons to even books, all was divided. People who worked on the lands were also divided and they were barely given a day to move from one side to another, choosing who they want to live with, before the wall was erected. They left their belongings and just ran to the other side, colliding on the way, leaving some behind on the way, dyeing on the way.

When all was set and done, there stood a big castle haphazardly divided in the middle. All its shine, all its splendor now gone. In it resided two brothers, who were same, yet hated each other and lived apart.

71 years have passed, and one still wonder, would it not been better if they had stayed together or will there ever be peace and harmony among them ever again?

Happy Independence day to Pakistan and India. May the peace prevail.

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